Cognitive Diversity

Harnessing the collective intelligence of your business

Research shows that individuals and teams with diverse thinking – a variety of experience, expertise, and opinions – are much better equipped to deal with complex problems and have higher levels of collective intelligence.

Cognitive diversity can strengthen any institution or team; it challenges hierarchies, encourages constructive dissent, and forces us to think again about where the best ideas really come from. It also offers individuals the ability to improve personal performance by breaking free from the echo chambers that surround us all.

Diverse thinking drives better team outcomes, such as greater creativity, stronger problem solving, and overall performance. Key behaviours, practices and techniques can help you make the most of cognitive diversity in your team and organisation

Below are some of our behaviour change products that we use to achieve this:

Cognitive Diversity Workshops

Illustration of People Working with Two Large Hands Shaking in the Centre

Building Trust and Collaboration

five lightbulbs made of four jigsaw pieces, different pieces lit up, one bulb fully lit up

The Power of Diverse Thinking

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Psychological Safety

Illustration showing weighing scales with a brain on one side and a heart on the other side with the words Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

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Strategic Alignment

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After Action Review

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Marginal Gains Method

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Pre-Mortem Method

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Assumption Reversal Technique

Nine Illustrations Showing Different Types of Meetings

Smarter Meetings

Illustration showing a person making a decision with arrows branching in different directions

Making Effective Decisions


Growth mindset is changing our culture and helping to unlock hidden potential by identifying real and unconscious barriers to growth and energising our people to overcome them. We are also seeing systemic changes that will help to increase agility and further improve business performance.

Principal, Global Financial Services Organisation

Our work around growth mindset is making tangible our culture as an innovative and supportive law firm, which helps us to attract and retain the right people.

Partner, Global Law Firm

Our Delivery Methods

We are able to deliver these outcomes to you through a combination
of methods to suit your schedule and location:

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Digital Learning

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Keynote Speaking