Building Growth Mindset for High Performance

Our programmes help individuals, teams and organisations achieve new heights by cultivating a growth mindset, which has been shown to correlate with high performance.

We challenge how people conceptualise their ability and provide pioneering tools and practical techniques to radically change their beliefs and behaviours.

Our approach is designed to drive systemic change through leaders’ thoughts, words, and actions, and through embedding new behaviours into team and organisational routines and systems.

Based on leading research and best-practice in the areas of growth mindset and cognitive diversity, our programmes achieve measurable results and tangible business outcomes.

Our Programmes are about Building an Inclusive Growth Mindset Culture

1. Learning

Are our employees aware of what the growth mindset is?

2. Application

Do our teams think we’re role modelling growth mindset behaviours?

3. Cascade

Do our teams feel like we’re really living our values?

4. Embed

Do our customers think we are more bold, innovative and agile?

Measure your mindset

MA Measure MA

Mindset Advantage

We use our unique psychometric tool to measure growth mindset at an individual, team and organisational level

strengths vs blind spots

Strengths vs Blind spots

We identify your strengths and strategic risks

thoughts words actions routines systems


Based on your results we share recommendations and measure your progress over time

Develop your mindset


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1-1 Coaching

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Digital Learning

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grey icon projector screen with play icon

Practice Guides

Teams and Organisations

Grey icon of person with speech bubble

Keynote Speaking

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Group Coaching

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Leadership Workshops

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In-House Accreditation

Unlock your potential

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Increase Leadership Confidence

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Apply Behaviours & Practices

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Impact Business Outcomes

Our Programme Design Principles

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Data Driven

We define the specific workshop topics to address the development opportunities identified from the Mindset Advantage results.

Grey icon bar chart with line above showing upwards trend

Connect to Priorities

We connect the GM practices to participants’ daily role and priorities through input from our clients on business-specific challenges.

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Leaders as Coaches

We encourage leaders as coaches to role model behaviours. This includes asking for Senior Leader involvement in elements of the workshops to share personal reflections.

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High Engagement

To increase levels of engagement we provide pre-reading before each workshop plus plenary discussion, polls and breakouts during each workshop, followed by peer learning after the workshop.

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Enable HR Community

We can partner with your HR community to align and integrate with internal projects and priorities.
e.g (a) accreditation in MA; (b) facilitate break out sessions (c) lead peer learning between workshops

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Measurable Impact

We measure the level of behaviour change and business outcomes throughout the programme and adjust accordingly.

Programmes Delivering Return on Investment

Behaviour Change

92% of participants experience an improvement in their growth mindset
Within 9 months over 80% of leaders consistently demonstrate growth mindset attitudes, behaviours and beliefs

Leadership Practices

Over 80% of participants adopt at least 7 new leadership practices
Minimum 30% uplift in leaders confidence in their ability to operate in a complex and uncertain environment

Business Results

90% of participants achieve an improvement in their performance
Increased productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue when techniques applied to solve specific business challenges*

Results differ by client. Please see specific client case studies on tangible results achieved.*

Our Client Success Stories