About Us

Matthew Syed Consulting was founded by best-selling author and influential thought-leader Matthew Syed. We work with an impressive portfolio of global clients in the public and private sectors. We establish thriving growth mindset cultures that drive higher performance in individuals, teams and organisations. Through a synthesis of leading psychological research and industry best-practice, we have developed our psychometric and framework of proven tools and innovative strategies that empower organisational development and accelerate business outcomes.

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Our Mission and Values

What makes businesses and individuals successful? Having a growth mindset – the understanding that in a complex world, the status-quo doesn’t provide all the answers. No matter how skilled people are, it is their willingness to learn from mistakes and adapt that makes them truly successful. An over-reliance on our existing knowledge can hamper collaboration, but if we embrace challenges and see our failures as opportunities to learn, we can unlock our full potential and accelerate the performance of our teams.

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We work with you to identify the areas of focus for your team/organisation, based on the challenges you currently face.

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We evaluate the current mindset of individuals in your organisation and assess the impact that these beliefs have on the performance of your teams.

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We challenge and change beliefs using the latest research and apply best practices alongside our proven tools and techniques.

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We engage leadership, involve managers and supervisors and captivate employees, measuring progress while giving the team time to succeed.

Growth mindset is changing our culture and helping to unlock hidden potential by identifying real and unconscious barriers to growth and energising our people to overcome them. We are also seeing systemic changes that will help to increase agility and further improve business performance.

Principal, Global Financial Services Organisation

Our work around growth mindset is making tangible our culture as an innovative and supportive law firm, which helps us to attract and retain the right people.

Partner, Global Law Firm

Staff at every level have really engaged with growth mindset and marginal gains and feel more empowered and accountable, which is helping drive continued improvements across our operations.

Production Manager, UK Processing Plant

“We quickly realised that we were doing more than introducing new initiatives, we were defining our very DNA – who we are and how we operate.”

Director, Professional Services Organisation

As a manager, understanding the psychology behind fixed and growth mindset and how to create a culture for high performance was immensely valuable.

Consultant and Clinical Director, NHS

We have reduced incidental expenses by 25%, which directly benefits our bottom line.”

CEO, UK Construction Company

We have improved quality, productivity and capacity through growth mindset, saving us hundreds of thousands of pounds a year and helping us increase revenues and profits.

Chief Operating Officer, Logistics Organisation

Black Box Thinking has enabled us to deliver pension schemes that have outperformed the UK average by 40% over the past decade.

Divisional Manager, Pension Provider

We have reduced errors by 77%, driving up customer trust and satisfaction and minimising the risk of costly emergency product withdrawal (EPW) processes and associated financial penalties.

Production Manager, UK Processing Plant

What We Do

Blending existing psychological research with Matthew Syed’s unique thought leadership, we build growth mindset cultures to drive high performance, agility and innovation. Through our suite of innovative tools, we disrupt current thinking, challenging how people conceptualise their ability. This shift in mindset revolutionises behaviour at all levels of an organisation, delivering significant, measurable outcomes from day one.


Why Us?

We believe a growth mindset is fundamental to maximising individual potential and that skills can be developed through purposeful practice and embracing feedback. We are unique in that we apply this principle to broader organisational cultures, bridging the gap between the mindset of individuals and organisational outcomes. We synthesise leading research on the correlation between growth mindset and high performance, agility and innovation – creating a proven framework for organisations to use and benefit from.

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Our Facilitators & Coaches

Our outstanding facilitators work with clients to adopt and embed the principles of high performance and drive measurable change. They have a proven track record of excellence in their respective fields, with backgrounds in corporate business, consulting and coaching, public sector organisations, emergency services & the armed forces. Our facilitators, coaches and programmes are equally effective via virtual or face-to-face delivery offering a highly engaging and interactive experience together with practical tools and techniques to drive change.

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