Increasing Psychological Safety

It is key to driving positive individual, team and organisational outcomes, including:

Stronger employee engagement

Better knowledge-sharing

Improved decision quality

Increased learning

Psychological safety boosts team and organisation performance

2.2 x

more likely to surpass financial targets [3]

2.8 x

more likely to embrace change [3]

26 %

greater skills preparedness [4]

50 %

more innovative ideas [5]

4 -fold

increase in retention rates [6]

Psychological safety helps address critical business challenges

Strong team dynamics play a valuable part in any situation, but can be particularly powerful when faced with key business challenges, such as:

There have been significant changes in the organisation and people are feeling unsettled.

Poor collaboration and lack of trust between key teams is affecting productivity and customer experience.

People don’t openly talk about problems and we are making avoidable mistakes.

We’re not innovating quickly enough and are falling behind.

We can measure and help build or boost psychological safety through our unique psychometric – Collective Advantage – and targeted leadership programmes and workshops

We work with teams and organisations to comprehensively assess current levels of psychological safety and provide practical techniques and approaches to drive change where most needed for maximum impact. Using data and insights from our assessment, we tailor our range of programmes and workshop to the specific needs of each client to help leaders and their teams meet their goals and objectives.

Our products and services include:

Collective Advantage Psychometric

Psychological Safety Workshops

man with head on his desk

Learning from Mistakes and Successes

Illustration of people supporting each other climbing a mountain

Humble Leadership

Illustration of People Working with Two Large Hands Shaking in the Centre

Building Trust and Collaboration

five lightbulbs made of four jigsaw pieces, different pieces lit up, one bulb fully lit up

The Power of Diverse Thinking

Illustration of arms encircling a brain

Building Psychological Safety



an intricate blue maze

Tackling Complexity with a Growth Mindset



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