Matthew Syed Consulting Accredited Partner

Our Accredited Partners

Our accredited partner programme launched in January 2020, offering selected companies the training and support to provide Mindset Advantage, our growth mindset psychometric, to clients as part of their leadership development and transformation programmes.

The programme forms part of Matthew Syed Consulting’s strategy to offer clients further options through our partners for major transformation projects or international programmes.

If you’d like to enquire about becoming an accredited partner please complete our contact us form here


Aveiroe Europe

Aveiroe Europe’s partners have been trusted to audit some of the world’s most complex supply chains. They have rewarded that trust by delivering market-leading rates of profit recovery, innovation across every aspect of their audits and value-adding client process improvements.

They endeavor to be the best aligned service provider for the bespoke needs of each client organisation by working responsibly, professionally and independently, but always in their best interests as a trouble-free, client-centric supplier.

Collective Mind

What makes Collective Mind unique is that they upgrade your #1 asset – your mindset.
The mind is under more load than any time in human history. We never leave the gym of the mind, it’s what leaders are employed for, so, why haven’t we been training it?
Using the latest insights from neuroscience, Collective Mind give you a suite of mindset tools and a cutting-edge leadership development framework that drives elite performance to the very best.
From leadership excellence in global brands to premiership-winning sporting teams to emergency services saving lives. Collective Mind excel at helping you be at your best in the moments that matter.

Distinctive People

Distinctive People HR & OD Ltd work with businesses to shape and transform their offer through their people. They’re all about organisations of the future – because they recognise that the business challenges of the future are not the ones of today, but increasingly demand new and distinctive thinking to align with changing workforce demographics.
Distinctive People work in partnership with their clients, adopt a highly personalised approach and pride themselves on providing both technical expertise and strong consultancy skills across the range of services they offer. Their partnership with Matthew Syed Consulting supports all aspects of their work and enables them to constantly push boundaries for themselves and their clients.


ecap are an advisory business specialising in Executive Search, Leadership Assessment, Performance Management and Board Advisory Consulting. ecap continues the journey of two of the most prominent executive search consultants in the Middle East, with over twenty years of Emerging and Frontier market experience, and, thirty years of leadership assessment, talent acquisition and executive recruitment experience. ecap was founded in 2019 with the ambition to support executive leaders and organisations to be the best version of themselves.

ESP Consult

ESP is a Transformational Management Consultancy that works with organisations to deliver performance solutions for 21st century business challenges. They combine best practice with enabling technologies & innovative thinking. Their success focuses on quickly enabling an organisation to define and implement capabilities to meet their strategic objectives. Mindset Advantage is key to the alignment and realisation of these capabilities.

Global Future Partners

Global Future Partners is a team of highly experienced consultants whose mission is to develop leaders for tomorrow’s world. Their belief is that today’s talent can only be fully engaged and leveraged by leaders who bring their purpose, their unique strengths, authenticity and an inclusive spirit to their work.


Building an inclusive culture is essential in today’s world. Hello2morrow is a consultancy specialising in developing inclusive leadership programmes. Supporting leaders of today & tomorrow to challenge norms, stimulate new thinking, and connect to the power of difference to drive sustainable business change.

Mindset Leadership

Mindset Leadership believe that every person should have the ability to do a job they love in a workplace that inspires them to be their best. They do this by helping their partners to build better workplaces. They believe that the best way to achieve this is through developing better leaders.

Habits are the foundation of our behaviours. Mindset Leadership work in partnership with you to identify the leadership habits that positively impact your organisation and help you to develop your leaders so they can adopt these habits.

The Sales Consultancy

To generates the sales you want in your business, you need a culture that supports Growth Mindset. Embedding a healthy Sales Growth Mindset Culture creates a solid foundation from which your sales success can flourish.

Having a great sales process doesn’t guarantee that your team will use it. The only way you can ensure it’s successful application is by developing their mindset. This development gives them the inner confidence, resilience and self-belief to keep growing, expanding and applying themselves in the best way for continued success.

Our Sales Mindset Programmes for teams and leaders are continually evolving to integrate the latest mindset, psychology and well-being research to ensure your people get the development they need to deliver the business outcomes you want.

Telos Partners

Telos Partners are generators of long-term success.  They work internationally with ambitious leaders and their teams to discover and activate the drivers of their sustainable growth to achieve personal and business success.

It is important to not only look at financial growth but also grow intellectual, customer relationship, brand, human and societal capital. To do so, a growth mindset can help individuals to think beyond the status quo and incrementally improve success over time.

Telos Partners help you achieve this.