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Key Outcomes

77% error reduction

23% reduction in training costs

19% process efficiency gain

Mindset Programme

  • An inspirational talk followed by an interactive development day to engage senior managers and drive growth mindset and marginal gains across the organisation
  • Mindset Advantage development reports and actions plans to embed new behaviours
  • Toolkit of practical techniques and templates to build and embed growth mindset and marginal gains at all levels

"Applying marginal gains to our business is driving up quality and productivity across our Group."

Paul Day
Managing Director

Turners uses marginal gains to improve quality and service to the customer

Executive Summary


Turners is one of the UK’s largest haulage companies and has an enviable reputation for providing professional and innovative supply chain solutions. As well as its expertise in logistics throughout the UK and Europe, the company provides further value-add services to meet increasing customer demands, including temperature-controlled storage and fruit packing and transport.


Delivering high quality and cost-effective supply chain solutions is particularly important for Turners’ Pre Pack Solutions (PPL) division. Packing fruit for several of the UK’s highly competitive, low margin grocery supermarkets requires maximum efficiency and minimum error. Any packaging or labelling mistakes or delays can cost tens of thousands of pounds as well as damage customer relationships. Turners’ PPL division wanted to further minimise the chance of errors, improve training and further increase efficiency to ensure the highest levels of service to the customer.


Turners brought in Matthew Syed Consulting to drive growth mindset and marginal gains across its senior management team and, through them, across the organisation. The programme inspired and motivated Turners’ managers and equipped them with proven and practical tools and techniques for embedding new attitudes and behaviours at all levels. Turners’ managers then used the Matthew Syed Consulting toolkit with their own teams to drive growth mindset and marginal gains across the business.


A range of improvements have been implemented across the Turners Group and, we have focussed on the PPL division for this study. A series of marginal gains have delivered impressive outcomes, including:

  • 77% error reduction by continually improving processes and reducing manual data input
  • 23% reduction in training time and costs thanks to simpler processes and further automation
  • 19% efficiency gains around quality checks
  • Efficiency gain through a seamless shift handover

Each change, driven by the marginal gains process, has made an improvement in the service provided to the customer and this has had a positive impact on the business as a whole.