Telos Partners is an international consultancy that works with business leaders and their teams to discover and activate their personal and business growth potential and sustain their success for the long-term.

An accredited partner of Matthew Syed Consulting, Telos Partners uses the growth mindset psychometric, Mindset Advantage, to gain insights into strengths and development opportunities at a team and organization level for many of its major clients. Yolanda Villafuente Abrego, a consultant at Telos, explains the benefits that one client achieved from using the psychometric:

The APAC president of a leading global process engineering business wanted to strengthen the collaboration in his regional leadership team in order to establish collective focus on taking advantage of regional growth opportunities.

Telos’ objective was to support the team in developing a growth mindset and establishing joint ways of working on regional growth opportunities.

All 18 senior leaders completed the Mindset Advantage assessment, which was followed by individual debriefs. These helped individuals to identify personal growth areas but also revealed team traits to work on that would have most impact on their collective aspiration.

While they showed strong resilience, key opportunities for development were in the team’s learning and innovation mindset. During a series of team workshops led by Telos Partners, the group discussed the impact their individual and collective mindsets would have on their success and defined key actions and practices to strengthen their collaboration and agility.

The workshop reinforced a shared purpose and sense of belonging, motivating and aligning the team so that they could work more effectively together and deliver on the agreed collective growth opportunities.

Going forward, with aligned ways of working building on the insights gained, the team was able to pursue and stay focused on the core growth opportunities, which supported a very significant uplift in business performance and growth all through the year.

“From a Telos perspective, integrating Mindset Advantage in our work, allows us to significantly strengthen our core value proposition for our clients, to help them release their full potential and create and sustain success, as individuals, teams and ultimately for the whole organization.”