BACK TO LISTING Mindset Advantage Now Officially Registered with The British Psychological Society (BPS)

Mindset Advantage Now Officially Registered with The British Psychological Society (BPS)

10TH OCTOBER, 2019

Matthew Syed Consulting is pleased to announce that the growth mindset psychometric test, Mindset Advantage has been granted registration as a verified psychological test by the British Psychological Society (BPS) Psychological Testing Centre.


What is Mindset Advantage?

Mindset Advantage is a unique psychometric designed to assess growth mindset attitudes and behaviours. This produces a set of detailed reports for individuals, teams and organisations within a development context.

Mindset Advantage has been developed by the team at Matthew Syed Consulting and is grounded in the research of psychologists such as Stanford University Professor, Carol Dweck. Our tool measures respondents against nine core individual growth mindset attitudes and behaviours, plus six core company culture characteristics. The output reports offer professional self-development against benchmarks for individuals and teams plus support wider cultural change programmes within organisations.


Reviewers from The British Psychological Society concluded:

Mindset Advantage is a well-developed and well-researched instrument that has the potential to provide valuable information to individuals around their growth mindset. As such, it offers a good measure of growth mindset, both in terms of individual developmental needs and a measure of the manifestation of a growth mindset within an individual’s organisation.’

‘The Mindset Advantage tool…. offer(s) a unique assessment of an area attracting a lot of interest in HR, development and psychology communities.’


In response to the news, joint founders of Matthew Syed Consulting, Matthew Syed and Kathy Weeks said: ‘After a rigorous testing process, we are thrilled that Mindset Advantage has now been registered with the British Psychological Society and achieved “excellent” ratings in many areas. In today’s world, having the right mindset is central to everyone’s success, whether as individuals or an organisation. Getting this psychology right is the starting point for all the other things – resilience, agility, creative innovation, diversity of ideas – that are so important to our future. Mindset Advantage is really the starting point to this journey. For us, the BPS review recognises the brilliant work Matthew Syed Consulting are doing. We are proud to be using Mindset Advantage to change mindsets and build organisational transformation across the public and private sectors.’


Helen Deavin, Managing Director of Matthew Syed Consulting said: ‘We are truly delighted to receive this recognition from The British Psychological Society for Mindset Advantage. Matthew Syed Consulting have always had great success in using this tool with our clients across many sectors. Our team have worked exceptionally hard on each stage of its development. This is a real achievement and undoubtedly provides an extra level of credibility for us to continue to drive measurable improvements within the organisations we work with.’

To take Mindset Advantage, or to find out more, please visit

To read the full report provided to Matthew Syed Consulting by the British Psychological Society, please click here: BPS Review of Mindset Advantage

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