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Matthew Syed Sunday Times Articles

The below articles were all written by Matthew Syed and published in The Sunday Times:

Fawning and complacent, the West has eased China’s path to powerOriginal published date, July 04 2021

Masks for ever? There’s a point when scientific advice turns tyrannicalOriginal published date, June 27 2021

Forget economics and politics — the West’s real problem is a moral oneOriginal published date, June 20 2021

In our rush to embrace diversity, let’s not put symbols above substanceOriginal published date, June 13 2021

Scientists make mistakes. That’s fine, but they shouldn’t deny themOriginal published date, May 30 2021

The BBC, the NHS and Oxfam have a bad case of institutional narcissismOriginal published date, May 23 2021

Parents are always to blame, Prince Harry. Your children will discover that tooOriginal published date, May 16 2021

Voters knew what they were doing when they overturned traditionOriginal published date, May 09 2021

Fair play is falling foul of the self-appointed moral guardiansOriginal published date, May 02 2021

Fans united against a game rigged by the elite. Will voters follow suit?Original published date, April 25 2021

Even chimps grasp guilt. Shameless elites need to follow their exampleOriginal published date, April 18 2021

Pit my truth against your truth and it’s a terrifying race to the bottomOriginal published date, April 04 2021

It’s time liberals showed some spine and stopped pandering to zealotsOriginal published date, March 28 2021

Politicians send police to the front line then snipe from their armchairsOriginal published date, March 21 2021

There are too many super rich people now, and that spells troubleOriginal published date, March 14 2021

Our economy is increasingly sick, and any doctor can tell you whyOriginal published date, March 07 2021

The Union made us enlightened and wealthy. Why try to destroy it?Original published date, February 28 2021

Zealots on the right and left are true heirs of religious fanaticsOriginal published date, February 21 2021

This obesity drug is a miracle… but the side-effects are hard to swallowOriginal published date, February 14 2021

No, Mr Bond, I expect you to diversifyOriginal published date, February 14 2021

The Putin horror show shouldn’t surprise us. We helped create itOriginal published date, February 08 2021

Sometimes scientists get it wrong. Believe it or not, that’s a good thingOriginal published date, January 31 2021

Piers Morgan’s idiotic rants reduce subtle arguments to soundbitesOriginal published date, January 24 2021

Most big religions start off as cults — could QAnon ever go mainstream?Original published date, January 17 2021

Xi and Putin are exploiting the West’s political decadenceOriginal published date, January 10 2021

Here’s what I’ve learnt in a traumatic year: never write off the little peopleOriginal published date, December 27 2020

Christmas appeal for Sported: how Brighton Table Tennis Club is transforming livesOriginal published date, December 20 2020

It was herd thinking that left the West defenceless against CovidOriginal published date, December 20 2020

You won’t see it on Twitter, but not everything is as bleak as it seemsOriginal published date, December 13 2020

Join me in a toast to capitalism — still our only hope for progressOriginal published date, December 06 2020

In foreign aid as in medicine: do no harm but learn from your mistakesOriginal published date, November 29 2020

Do you think Priti’s a bully or not? You probably decided long agoOriginal published date, November 22 2020

The unpatriotic left still doesn’t get itOriginal published date, November 01 2020

Shut bars and you kill whole ecosystemsOriginal published date, October 25 2020

There’s no rabid right without a smug leftOriginal published date, October 18 2020

Trust is key in the fight against CovidOriginal published date, October 11 2020

Get well soon — not just Trump, but AmericaOriginal published date, October 04 2020

When dogma beats data, reason is lostOriginal published date, September 27 2020

To beat Covid we must embrace uncertaintyOriginal published date, September 20 2020

The western miracle we cannot take for grantedOriginal published date, September 13 2020

The Beeb can thrive — with more plonkersOriginal published date, September 06 2020

A minority that dares not speak its nameOriginal published date, August 30 2020

Identity politics has shattered AmericaOriginal published date, August 23 2020

Failure is a lesson our children must masterOriginal published date, August 16 2020

Warring tribes can doom whole nationsOriginal published date, August 09 2020

Caste by Isabel Wilkerson review — a country divided by raceOriginal published date, August 09 2020

Don’t speak in code on race. Truth saves livesOriginal published date, August 02 2020

For Russia and China, bribery is just a decoyOriginal published date, July 26 2020

Xi banks on the decline and fall of the WestOriginal published date, July 19 2020

Xi Jinping is the one running this racket, not his peopleOriginal published date, July 12 2020

Yes, Michael Gove, there is dysfunction in government. It starts with youOriginal published date, July 05 2020

Toppling statues won’t transform inner citiesOriginal published date, June 29 2020

Ignorance makes all our foreign policy failOriginal published date, June 21 2020

We need to talk about empire: a conversation about Britain’s history is overdueOriginal published date, June 14 2020

No 10 tells it like it isn’t. So we make the rulesOriginal published date, June 14 2020

Subtle racial stereotypes hit harder than a batonOriginal published date, June 07 2020

How to toast the loafers in your teamOriginal published date, May 31 2020

If the BBC picks a side, it will already have lostOriginal published date, May 31 2020

Out of ideas? Here’s how to get creativeOriginal published date, May 24 2020

The government’s one‑size‑fits‑R lockdown is bad health policy and bad economics tooOriginal published date, May 24 2020

We can go on meeting like thisOriginal published date, May 17 2020

Coronavirus: fixated on the flu and shrouded in secrecy, Britain’s scientists picked the wrong remedyOriginal published date, May 17 2020

A vital lesson in trust learnt long ago is being trampled by errant advisers and ambitious MPsOriginal published date, May 10 2020

Lockdown: I’m not sure existing through these benighted months counts as living. So are we saving lives?Original published date, May 03 2020

You won’t see it on any death certificate, but recession is a killer just like the coronavirusOriginal published date, April 26 2020

When scientists and engineers come together, they win grand prix races . . . then save livesOriginal published date, April 19 2020

This is the age of ‘me, me, me’ — until we need a scapegoat, and it’s ‘them, them, them’ Original published date,

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