Are you and your team treading water or transforming? 44% of people prefer doing what they already do well, in the way that they have always done it. Is this the year that you embrace change and new opportunities?

The current pace of change is faster than ever – and continuing to accelerate. Technology, sustainability, geopolitics, societal and customer expectations are all posing risks and opportunities. Individuals, teams and organisations need to continually evolve to remain relevant in a climate of constant change.

And yet, our research indicates that 44% of people gravitate towards things they do well and tend to rely on tried and trusted methods.

  • The risk? They become the human equivalent of HMV, Nokia, Kodak and others who missed opportunities to reinvent themselves to succeed in a shifting landscape.
  • The opportunity? Exciting new businesses and roles are emerging, from cybersecurity and data science to renewables and biotechnology**.

Evolving our mindset and skills will be vital for seizing new opportunities and avoiding stagnation or being left behind. This requires trying or learning new things, accepting that we may fail at times, adapting, improving and moving forward.

If you’ve already set some objectives for the new year, reflect on whether they are oriented towards change and transformation, or towards doing more of the same.

Here are some approaches to get started:

  • List the main activities you are responsible for or involved in. Consider strategic, planning, and operational activities.
  • Rate each one on a scale of 1 to 5 in terms of challenge.
  • Identify where training or delegating someone else to take on your more habitual work could enable you to take on new and/or more challenging activities.

We believe that embracing change can no longer be a choice. Do you?

**Forbes – The 10 Most In-Demand Skills in 2024