Feedback. How safe do your people feel to speak up? Truth. Trust. Only 54% of leaders are giving open and honest feedback. Is your organisation underperforming due to lack of honest conversations?

Data from our Mindset Advantage psychometric reveals that just over half of leaders are giving honest and open feedback to colleagues and team members.

This suggests that there is work to be done to create a climate where leaders feel they don’t need to be guarded in what they say (half of leaders currently say that they don’t feel they can speak openly*).

What’s not being said that needs to be? And why does this matter?

Well, the implications for organisations where people are suppressing their opinions are huge, for example:

  • People not performing at their best due to suppressed opportunities to learn and develop
  • Maintaining the status quo instead of seeking and giving feedback to drive continuous improvement
  • Increased risk and missed opportunities due to blind spots and group think through lack of debate and challenge

It’s time to change attitudes and behaviours around feedback and challenge. Without open conversations, organisations risk failing to optimise their biggest asset – people – and failing to achieve their strategy and objectives.

Creating a psychologically safe environment is vital, and there are also techniques leaders can apply, such as adopting a feedforward approach, or understanding the triggers that can prevent us from responding positively to challenge and feedback.

We’ll be discussing more of our insights into leaders’ mindsets at our upcoming webinar on Thursday 23rd November – you can find out more and register below.


* Data based on responses gathered through the growth mindset psychometric, Mindset Advantage, from thousands of leaders and hundreds of organisations globally over a period of 7 years.