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Key Outcomes

Enables behavioural and culture change

Boosts performance to achieve measurable results

Drives growth and innovation

Empowers and engages staff

"We used Mindset Advantage with every member of the leadership team to identify successes but also risks, and to change some of the ways they were operating. The client recognises these shifts in behaviours have contributed to its successful growth"

Haydn Bratt
Founder & Managing Director
Mindset Leadership

Leadership development consultancy helps 200+ client harness growth mindset to improve business outcomes

Executive Summary


Mindset Leadership is a development consultancy that helps fast-growing businesses, teams and individuals enhance their performance. It supports around 250 entrepreneurs and leaders every year to enhance individual and organisation performance and drive greater success.


To help clients meet their performance goals, Mindset Leadership requires an accurate picture of strengths and development needs at an individual, team and organisation level. When leading projects focused on recruitment and succession planning, the consultancy and its clients also need to objectively evaluate the future potential of internal and external candidates.


Mindset Advantage, a first-to-market, BPS-registered growth mindset psychometric developed by Mindset Analytics Limited, forms an integral part of all client engagements. Tailored reports provide detailed, multi-level insights into attitudes and behaviours, which are used to support targeted leadership development and talent management programmes. Candidate reports and interview guides also provide a valuable measure of potential as part of recruitment and succession planning processes.


Mindset Advantage has helped both Mindset Leadership and its clients achieve greater success. For example, one company that has been using the tool for leadership development since 2020 has grown its team from six to 300 people and its revenue by £50 million. Mindset Leadership has also grown 20% over the same period, attracting new clients thanks to the scalability and powerful insights of the psychometric.​