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Key Outcomes

Accelerates candidate comparison and selection, highlighting tangible strengths and blind spots

Improves retention rates of new appointments with clearer insights into how a leader will perform and behave in their new role

Broadens talent pool for executive recruitment by looking at both past performance and future potential


“Embedding growth mindset into the executive recruitment process helps foster a learning culture, which is critical for building resilience and future-proofing organisations.”

“Mindset Advantage brings a new dimension to recruitment interviews by revealing the mindset of different candidates that can otherwise be hard to uncover.”

“Mindset Advantage helps our clients understand the future potential and performance of executive candidates rather than just relying on past achievements.”

Denise Kirkham
Founding Partner
Distinctive People

HR consultancy helps future-proof organisations by recruiting the right leaders

Distinctive People transforms executive recruitment by using Mindset Advantage, a unique psychometric that assesses growth mindset, to identify leaders that can revolutionise business performance in an ever-changing world

Identify leaders of the future with a growth mindset

Selecting people that can lead teams and organisations in an ever-changing world is essential for future success. And that means assessing not only candidates’ current skills and past experiences but also evaluating their potential and their ability to learn and adapt to future challenges.

To help its clients recruit inspiring leaders for today and tomorrow, Distinctive People needs to provide as much insight as possible into the mindset of different candidates – from how they approach challenges or foster innovation to how they build trust or learn from mistakes. But these insights can be difficult to unlock during a traditional interview.

Distinctive People wanted to take candidate evaluation to a new level by switching from personality-based psychometric tools to an assessment that could explore future potential by measuring growth mindset.

Assess candidate mindset and potential quickly and easily

To support its executive recruitment services, Distinctive People uses Mindset Advantage, a first-to-market growth mindset psychometric. Registered with the British Psychological Society, the assessment enables clients to measure candidates against nine core growth mindset attitudes and behaviours, such as agility and humility.

Shortlisted candidates complete the psychometric and Distinctive People uses the detailed and personalised reports to shape the next stage of the selection process. For example, if the assessment highlights that an individual may struggle with taking on board feedback or embracing new challenges – which are both critical for continuous improvement and innovation – the interview panel can be prompted to explore these behaviours in more detail.

Once a candidate is appointed, they can use the practical recommendations and actionable insights from the psychometric for onboarding as well as ongoing personal development in their new role.

Distinctive People started using Mindset Advantage in 2020 and consistently uses the reports to assess candidates for roles including Chief Executive and Non-Executive Director. It has become integral to the recruitment decision-making process for both Distinctive People and its clients, which include nonprofit and commercial organisations. The consultancy also uses the tool as part of its leadership development programmes.

Drive long-term success and reduce risk with unique candidate insights

With Mindset Advantage, Distinctive People can help its clients get executive recruitment right first time. This means they can secure and retain the leadership talent needed to take their organisation forward and create a high-performance culture. It also helps avoid additional recruitment costs that can be incurred by unsuccessful hires.

The psychometric makes it easier for organisations to assess candidates based on the growth mindset behaviours they need to drive future success – from high levels of collaboration and curiosity to fostering a culture of learning and continuous improvement. With 80% of an organisation’s profits generated by high-performers1, Distinctive People’s clients need leaders that will encourage others to excel.

Measuring growth mindset helps Distinctive People and its clients better understand a candidate’s ability to step into a key leadership role and to create a high-performance culture that boosts efficiency, agility and creativity.

Distinctive People is also constantly looking at ways to improve and transform its own services and business. Mindset Advantage has helped the consultancy differentiate its executive recruitment services and development programmes, which has contributed to year-on-year growth.


Distinctive People helps organisations prosper through people. Its team of business and people management professionals provide a range of HR and organisational development consultancy services – from executive resourcing to culture building. Founded in 2015, Distinctive People’s services help clients address future business challenges and changing workforce demographics.


  • Saves time and effort by reducing interview preparation with tailored guides and recommended questions
  • Attracts the best talent by providing candidates with an engaging and insightful recruitment experience
  • Empowers stakeholders with robust evidence that reduces subjectivity and aids candidate selection
  • Simplifies candidate evaluation with personalised mindset profiles focused on specific priorities for different roles